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DNA Tests for Genetic and Infectious Diseases of Horses and Cattle
We use selective, highly specific DNA biomarkers for the detection and identification of various hereditary and infectious diseases of individual animals.   Our DNA tests are designed to distinguish and examine DNA molecules themselves to determine whether an animal is a carrier of a particular genetic disorder or whether it is infected with a pathogenic microoganism such as a bacterium, virus or parasite.
Progressive Molecular Diagnostics Services
At Progressive Molecular Diagnostics, we provide our customers with superior quality molecular and speciality diagnostic services.   Our tests for hereditary and infectious diseases in horses and cows and for cattle pregnancy are sensitive and highly accurate.  All tests are based on the most recent advances in DNA and protein technology.  We take particular pride in rapid turnaround times for reporting all test results.   Our scientists are experienced, dedicated professionals who  are available to answer your questions, be they technical or practical.
Protein Test for Cattle Pregnancy
We use the BioPRYN blood pregnancy test for beef and dairy cattle.  The test is safe and accurate and measures the presence in circulating blood of  Pregnancy-Specific Protein B (PSPB), a protein produced only by the placenta of a growing fetus.  BioPRYN is a useful technology for the reproductive management of beef and dairy cattle herds.
At Progressive Molecular Diagnostics, we employ the latest molecular, genetic and computer technologies for the development of new diagnostic tests for detection of genetic and infectious diseases in horses and cows.    Our goal is to become a leader in veterinary molecular diagnostics and their implementation in the horse and cattle industries at large.
Research and Development: New Tests for the Horse and Cattle Industries